What is VAR? Some interesting information about VAR technology

What is VAR technology? This is a tool that helps referees a lot in soccer matches. Nowadays every match uses this technology. So please follow ACEPH‘s following article to understand more about this technology.

What is VAR technology?

What is VAR technology?

VAR technology is written from the phrase Video Assistant Referee. This is a type of technology that uses video to assist referees in matches. This technology has been commonly used in recent years in major football tournaments.

It will help support the referee in monitoring the match and help this team make the most accurate decisions. And also minimize cases of controversy when the referee decides.

And the number of cameras will depend on the infrastructure of each tournament. However, the minimum condition that needs to be guaranteed is 33 cameras operating during a match. There will be 4 Ultra Slow Motion cameras with a frame rate of 120 photos per second and 8 Super Slow Motion cameras. In addition, the remaining cameras must reach Ultra HD resolution to deliver the highest quality images.

33 cameras are operating continuously with all viewing angles. The most controversial positions in the match are the goal and the touchline where specialized cameras are used.

VAR technology is a revolution that changes the world. And slow-motion videos will help referees easily provide detailed analysis of every situation. From there, make the fairest decision.

Advantages and disadvantages of VAR technology

Advantages and disadvantages of VAR technology

After understanding what VAR is, let’s learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this technology. Although it helps the referee a lot in decisions. However, it also has its disadvantages, let’s find out.

Advantages of VAR

It will greatly support the referee on the field. Therefore, VAR is an important support tool for the referee and it helps the referee have a panoramic view. From there, it will be easier for them to make more accurate decisions.

Another advantage is reduced arguments and conflicts. Because VAR is a technology that records the entire match. Therefore, it will minimize arguments and conflicts during the match by relying on recorded images and videos. Since then, disagreements between teams and fans have been significantly reduced.

Finally, it will ensure fairness and accuracy in competition. VAR has the role of ensuring the fairness and accuracy of referee decisions. From there it will help avoid wrong decisions. And reduce the impact on the outcome of the match and create trust among the team and fans.

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Some information about VAR technology

Some information about VAR technology

Below is some compiled information you need to know about what VAR technology is. Hopefully, you will understand and learn more interesting things about this type of technology to register to bet.


The above article has given players information about what VAR is. It can be seen that this technology plays an important part in football matches. If you want to learn interesting information, follow ACEPH.

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