What is the FIFA rankings – Evaluating rankings in football

What is the FIFA rankings is a question that many people are looking for an answer to. For those who are recently passionate about football, they probably won’t know about this ranking. So what is it about this ranking that makes the teams compete to stand on the rankings? Let’s find out more deeply about ACEPH through the article below.

Introducing some points about FIFA rankings

Introducing some points about FIFA rankings

To better understand the FIFA rankings, let’s review the main information below.

What is the FIFA rankings?

The FIFA rankings are a ranking system for national football teams around the world published by the International Football Federation (FIFA). By using criteria such as competition results, scores, and level of competition, the FIFA rankings will evaluate and rank teams from high to low.

The purpose of FIFA rankings

  • FIFA rankings have many important purposes and applications in football, below are some specific purposes:
  • Determining seeds and calculating results in tournaments: FIFA rankings are used to determine seeds and teams in international tournaments, such as World Cup qualifiers. Ensure fairness in dividing teams into groups, creating conditions for fair competition in tournaments.
  • Evaluate the development and abilities of teams: FIFA rankings provide an accurate yardstick to compare teams with each other, allowing teams and fans to have an overview of their performance. football teams.
  • Deciding on awards for national teams: The FIFA rankings are used to decide awards for national teams, such as “Best National Team” and “Most Improved National Team” ”.
  • Provide reference and information for stakeholders: FIFA rankings provide information and reference for teams, coaches, players, fans, and other stakeholders. Helps track changes in positions and performance of teams, creating competition and motivation to improve positions in the rankings.

Highly ranked teams in the FIFA 2018 rankings

Highly ranked teams in the FIFA 2018 rankings

Below is some information about the top men’s soccer teams on the 2018 FIFA rankings:


In 2018, Belgium reached number 1 in the FIFA rankings, which was an incredible achievement for the team. Belgium’s highest score in FIFA ranking history reflects their impressive performance in international matches and the consistency in their squad construction.

Belgium had grown significantly over the previous decade and had become a formidable opponent on the international stage. They have a talented squad with elite players such as Eden Hazard, Kevin De Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku. Thanks to the combination of players, creating team strength, the Belgian national team has shown impressive performance.

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In 2018, the French team ranked 2nd on the FIFA rankings. In 2018, France won the World Cup in Russia. This was the team’s biggest success since 1998. Winning the title greatly contributed to increasing France’s score and ranking on the FIFA rankings.

In addition to winning the World Cup, France had other impressive achievements in 2018. They reached the UEFA Nations League final and won 2nd place after losing to Portugal, proving their stability and strength. of the French team in international tournaments.

France has a talented squad with many excellent players, featuring a mix of promising young players such as Kylian Mbappé and Ousmane Dembélé, along with veterans such as Antoine Griezmann and Paul Pogba. The French team showed balance and strong attacking ability in the matches.



The Brazilian team ranks 3rd on the FIFA rankings. Brazil is considered one of the top soccer teams, having won the World Cup five times, in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, and 2002. This success paved the way for Brazil’s high position in the FIFA rankings.

In the 2018 World Cup, although they did not win the championship, Brazil had an impressive performance, they advanced to the quarterfinals of the tournament and were eliminated after losing to Belgium. Brazil’s good performance in major tournaments like the World Cup has contributed to bringing Brazil to the top 3 on the FIFA rankings.


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