What is European Handicap, Notes when playing Betting

What is the European Handicap that so many people love? Every football season, bettors prepare their psychology, knowledge, and finances to accept this bet. Once you win the bet, you will bring in a huge amount of prize money. You want to learn about this bet but don’t know where to start. Let ACEPH help you understand everything about European odds.

What is European Handicap, does it count as extra time?

What is European Handicap, does it count as extra time?

European odds are one of the most popular bets for betting enthusiasts today. This type of bet is also known as 1X2. In which, 1, X, and 2 all represent a bet.

Those who have been involved in this field for a long time will no longer be unfamiliar with these symbols. 1 is the number that represents the home team winning. X represents a draw. The remaining number 2 represents the away team’s chance of winning.

Thus, we can simply understand what European odds are. In general, when players decide to play this bet, they only need to bet on one of the three bets above. You will also have to watch the entire match to know the results. Therefore, this type of sports betting is even more attractive.

What is the European handicap table, and how to read it specifically?

What is the European handicap table, and how to read it specifically?
  • Players today can bet quickly through websites and online bookies. 3-7 days before the match, the house will release a European odds table and match schedule. You must closely follow this odds table because it can change every day.
  • In particular, you need to pay attention to the 1X2 column because this is the odds column for European handicaps. The remaining columns are handicaps, Asian handicaps you don’t need to pay attention to. In column 1X2, there are 3 numbers given as 1:2:1. This is the rate at which the house rewards you when you win a bet.
  • For example, the match between Arsenal and MU has 1X2 odds of 2.5 – 3.7 – 8.4 respectively, then you read the odds as follows:
  • Door 1 (home team) has a payout ratio of 2.5. If you bet $1, you will win $2.5.
  • Door 2 (away team) has odds of 8.4. So you will win $8.4 if you bet $1 and the correct result is that the away team wins.
  • Bet X (tie) has odds of 3.7. In case the 2 teams are tied, the player will be paid a bonus of $3.7 for betting $1.
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What can you draw from the betting odds table, how to bet on sure bets

For those who are new to the game, they should learn from the simplest ways. In addition, if you do not want to lose money when playing soccer betting, you should pay attention to the following.

How to predict odds from the odds table

The interesting point of European odds is that players can see the winning ability of each team through the odds offered by the house. A bookie never wants to lose money when organizing bets. Therefore, for teams that are determined to be weak, the bookmaker will give extremely high odds. Conversely, the stronger the team, the lower the payout rate.

From this, you can determine for the house, which team is strong and which team is weak. From there you make your choice. Especially if the weak team suddenly plays outstandingly and wins, the person who bets on the weak team will win a huge prize.

Actively learn about European handicap teams

This is the first thing you need to do if you want to participate in European handicap betting. If you don’t know anything about the team and just bet randomly, it’s easy to make mistakes. The information you should look up is the team’s competition history, latest achievements, coach, etc. Even a team with outstanding players will have a high chance of winning.

Refer to many different bookmakers’ odds tables

Refer to many different bookmakers' odds tables

Each bookmaker has a team of analysts and offers different odds. Therefore, players can refer to many bookmakers’ odds to see if there are similarities or not. If 1X2 has a high payout ratio of 1, then it is a team that is less likely to win.

What is the division of money in European handicap?

For bettors, in addition to knowledge, finances are also an important factor. For matches where you can see the strengths and weaknesses, you bet strongly. On the contrary, in matches of equal talent, you should be careful and only bet small amounts to avoid losses.


The question of what is European handicap has been answered from A – Z in the above article. If you have any questions, please wait for the latest articles about sports betting. Hopefully, the above information will help you in your next soccer betting matches.

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