Venue of Euro 2024 along with some important information

Euro 2024, the top sporting event of the old continent, is gradually emerging with unmistakable anticipation. Therefore, knowing the Venue of Euro 2024 and some related basic information is becoming the focus of all attention. Today, let’s find out more about this important information with bookmaker ACEPH.

Where is Venue of Euro 2024 taking place?

Where is Venue of Euro 2024 taking place?

Euro 2024 will officially kick off in Germany, a country that has contributed to the history of European football by winning the Euro championship three times. This was not only a major sporting event but also the pride of the German “Tank” when they were assigned the responsibility of hosting this tournament for the third time.

Germany hosting Euro 2024 not only brings joy to fans and the team but also opens up great opportunities for them at home. The home field is a place for the team to feel support from the fans and is an important factor in helping them create excitement and confidence in each match.

Besides, being present on the stage of this major event also creates an opportunity for Germany to show off its strength and talent before the world’s eyes. Certainly, Euro 2024 will be a great opportunity for the German “Tank” to affirm its position and fighting spirit in the race for European glory.

Some important information about the Euro 2024 finals

Some important information about the Euro 2024 finals

Below is some important information about the Euro 2024 tournament that fans should understand. Please register an account to see more details.

Match schedule of teams participating in Euro 2024

The match schedule of the teams participating in Euro 2024 has been determined, with the plan to take place within 1 month, from June 14, 2024, to July 14, 2024, at stadiums that meet international standards. of Germany. The final match will be held at Olympiastadion Stadium (Berlin), with a capacity of up to 74,475 people.

The German team, as the host country, will be seeded in Group A and will take the field at the Munich Football Arena on June 14, opening the tournament. Euro 2024 is considered one of the most popular sporting events of the year, which is shown by the fact that the organizers have received more than 20 million ticket applications since opening public registration.

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How is the competition format regulated?

How is the competition format regulated?

Before diving into the latest Euro 2024 match schedule, let’s learn about the competition format of this tournament. According to information from the organizing committee, the UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying format will be similar to Euro 2020. A total of 53 participating teams will be divided into 10 groups, including 6 groups with 5 teams and 4 groups with 6 teams. Teams compete in a 2-round round-robin format.

Following the conclusion of the 2022–23 UEFA Nations League on October 9, 2023, the qualifying round draw took place and the 4 Nations League finalists will be placed in a group of 5 teams. The top two teams in each group in the qualifying round will win direct tickets to Euro 2024, while the remaining three teams will participate in the play-off round in March 2024.

The top teams in League A, B, and C will have the right to participate in the playoffs and if that team has won tickets directly through the qualifying round, the team ranked 2nd in the League rankings will replace them. The Euro 2024 play-off round will include 12 teams, divided into 3 branches and the division will depend on the performance of the teams in the Nations League 2022 – 2023.

The winning teams in each branch will win tickets to compete in this year’s Euro. In case a League does not have enough 4 teams, the remaining spots will be awarded to the team with the best performance in League D and the remaining spots will be given to the teams with the best performance on the overall rankings of the Nations League. 

Venue for the opening match of Euro 2024

Venue for the opening match of Euro 2024

The venue for the opening match of Euro 2024 will be the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany, on June 14, 2024. This match will be an encounter full of expectations when the home team Germany will against the Scottish team. Allianz Arena is not only the playing place of the famous club Bayern Munich but also a cultural and sports symbol of Germany.

With a capacity of up to 75,000 people, this stadium has witnessed many top matches and historic moments in world football. Choosing Allianz Arena as the venue for the opening match of Euro 2024 promises to create a vibrant and special atmosphere, the perfect start for the teams’ journey to conquer the European throne.


With all the wonders and expectations, Euro 2024 will certainly be a great opportunity for both European and world football fans to share joy and pride. With this year’s Venue of Euro 2024 being Germany, fans can’t help but eagerly await the exciting and dramatic matches that will take place here.

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