Tennis Betting: A Practical Guide to Making Informed Decisions

How do you find profitable bets in tennis betting? Many bettors consider the tennis betting strategy to be one of the most challenging to master. Jilievo casino will introduce this form of sports betting.

Tennis Betting

Tennis Player Statistics

It is important to consider the latest results regarding current coverage. If a player is playing their first match on a clay court and previously played on a hard court, hard court statistics will be meaningless.

These are the statistics of the performances of two strong opponents at the Australian Open 2020. We remember that on hard courts, the athlete’s flexibility is paramount.

Player Performance on Each Type of Court Surface

Every athlete has their favorite surface where they perform much better. Americans play better tennis betting on hard courts, Spaniards on clay courts, and Britons on grass courts.

According to the data presented, it is clear that this player plays more on hard courts: he performs well here, but at the same time, he rarely and poorly plays on grass courts and is not the best on clay courts.

When an athlete performs strongly on clay courts and statistics show he is in good form, his opponent, who does not perform well on clay courts, will likely face defeat in the upcoming match.

Player Performance on Each Type of Court Surface

Live Results

It is not uncommon for athletes to meet twice within 2-3 weeks. If the skill gap is not too large, the opponent who lost not long ago often seeks revenge due to heightened emotions.

Before choosing a tennis betting, you should study the results of recent performances. Remember that a top tennis player may fail in a mid-level championship to save energy for the next major competition.

Tennis Betting Strategies

There are many truly simple and effective tennis betting strategies. Let’s look at the most popular ones.

Total Match Points

The success of the overall betting theory lies in the qualitative analysis of a tennis match.

Experienced bettors advise paying attention to the early stages of the competition. The 1/32 finals, 1/16 finals, and the first qualifying rounds. At such stages, opponents from “different weight classes” often meet.

How to Bet on the Correct Score in tennis betting

Player Performance on Each Type of Court Surface
How to Bet on the Correct Score inTennis

Young bettors, who mainly play clear favorites with low odds, should pay attention to this strategy.

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The bookmaker sets 1.18 for the match leader to win. And for his victory with a score of 0:2, the odds are quoted at 1.57. The difference is significant.

This popular live tennis strategy has two directions:

In both cases, you need to watch the first set closely. You will understand the nature of the match and the current level of the opponents. Pay special attention to women’s tennis. Women have lower serve speeds, allowing opponents to gain the upper hand and score points. In women’s matches, extended rallies are often recorded.

Betting on the Underdog

This strategy is often used by experienced bettors. It is based on high-quality match analysis, and bets are usually placed within underrated championships.

Some promising young players, who are making rapid progress, are selected. Betting analysts often inflate their odds of winning against highly-rated opponents, even if they are not performing at their highest level.

Protecting Ranking Points

Every year, tennis players must protect their points to avoid dropping in the world rankings. They are forced to participate in championships where they performed well and earned many points the previous year.

If they do not perform well again in the same competition, the points earned the previous year will be erased, and the tennis player’s ranking will drop.

You’ve just seen Jilievo’s tutorials on easy-to-understand, award-winning tennis fish. Use the opportunity to make money and get rich quickly in casino games.

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