How to Play Dominoes for Beginners

The how to play dominoes guide provides essential information on game rules and preparation steps, compiled by jlbet, for effective participation in the game.

Overview of Dominoes

Overview of Dominoes

Domino, a form of chess, is considered an intellectual game with the most attractive rules today. Originating in Asia, this board game is now popular all over the world. The name Domino is still a mystery and no one has an answer for this type of chess.

In the process of developing this form of chess, players have varied it and created different forms and ways of playing Dominoes. Typical examples include Russian Domino, Mexican Train Dominoes, and All Fives Domino. However, the highlight among them is still the basic Domino – Straight Dominoes which is preferred and chosen by most players.

Prepare before playing Domino

To be able to participate in the Domino game, you must understand the basic conditions and rules of the game. This important factor helps you develop smarter playing strategies.

Conditions you need to know when participating in the game

The first condition you need is a full set of Dominoes. The number of players that can participate in a game is from 2 to 4 people. The special thing about this form of chess is that all ages can play it easily. In addition, for online games, you need an Internet-connected device and find a reputable dealer.

Domino chess set

A Straight Dominoes chess set on the market today will include a total of 28 pieces. First we will turn the Dominoes on the table face down and mix them evenly.

Each piece in Domino will have 2 heads and is represented by clear round dots. The symbols on the faces of the chess pieces will be dots with different numbers and colors. In addition, a set of Straight Dominoes contains several similar special pieces – we call them bulls.

The way to play Domino is that each player is assigned 7 different pieces at the beginning of the game, of course, their information will be kept secret. The remaining chess pieces will be mixed and placed in the correct position for future chess picking.

Detailed instructions on how to play Domino for beginners

Similar to other board games, Domino will also have its playing steps and rules. To be able to confidently register for the table, you can refer to the content below:

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First move

To start the game, someone needs to play the first piece. The player who owns the largest piece 6:6 will have priority to play first. If no one owns the 6:6 piece, the member with the next largest number of bull pieces will be considered to perform this task. In addition, choosing the player who won the previous game to play first will be applied in this type of chess.

Second move

In playing Domino, the turn will proceed counterclockwise. Or the person on the left-hand side who plays first will be the member who plays the next piece. The next player must play a piece coinciding with the chess system that the first player made, this is a mandatory condition.

The direction of placing the chess pieces is agreed upon by all players participating in the game. The cow pieces in the rules will be placed along the playing board. On the other hand, pieces other than bulls will be placed horizontally in the direction of the board.

Chess game developments

  • The game will continue as prescribed by the rules. When the player behind does not have cards of the same suit as the previous player, there will be 2 cases:
  • In chess games with 4 players: Whoever has no cards will have to fold and lose their turn. The remaining players will continue the game as usual.
  • For chess games with less than 4 people: The chess pieces will be left over when divided and players will have the opportunity to add more to their chess set. If there is a card of the same suit as the previous player, you can play it immediately. Or if you don’t have it, you have to give the cards and turns to other players.

How to calculate winning points in Dominoes

In playing Domino, the winner of the game will be the one who plays all the pieces in their hand first. If no one can do this, we will rely on the remaining flags to calculate points and compare. The player with the lowest score will win that game. 


So we have fully and detailedly introduced how to play Domino above. An intellectual game with extremely attractive rules like this you should not miss. Hope everyone enjoys great entertainment with this board game.

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