TOP 5 highest scoring players in the world

The top 5 highest scoring players in the world are probably one of the information that makes many readers curious. Because not every fan fully understands all the information related to football. That’s why today, ACEPH bookmaker, would like to share with readers the most complete information about the top 5 football players with the most goals in the world. Please follow along.

Top 5 highest scoring players in the world Currently

The players who have scored the most goals ever are something that many football enthusiasts are interested in. So today, let’s find out the top 5 players in history who scored the most goals.

Ronaldo – 820 goals

Ronaldo – 820 goals

Ronaldo is a world-famous player with achievements that few can match. This is a legendary name in world football. And was known as the fastest-running player in history. Ronaldo is ranked first on the top 5 highest scorers in the world with 820 goals and is known as the king of goals.

Not only does he have a huge number of goals on the field. This Portuguese guy is also one of the richest football superstars in the world. And is also a sports icon as well as a globally influential advertising model.

Josef Bican – 810 goals

Standing in second place in the top 5 highest scorers in the world is none other than Josef Bican. This is a player who is considered no less than Portuguese superstar Ronaldo with 810 goals. He is considered an assassin on the field and the most terrible goal-scorer in football history to date.

His technique and physical strength on the field are always highly appreciated by experts. Along with extremely professional, accurate, and beautiful shots. Till now

Josef Bican is one of the players who holds many records for the fastest scoring speed in the world.

Romario – 795 goals

Romario – 795 goals

The third place in that ranking is Brazilian boy Romario. He is a great striker of this country and world football. At Romario’s peak, he led the Brazilian team to win the Copa America twice and become world champions.

During his football career. Romario has scored 795 goals and is the obsession of defense teams around the world.

Lionel Messi – 770 goals

Lionel Messi is the pride of the Argentines. The boy won a position in the ranking of the top 5 highest-scoring players in the world. This is a player who is considered a serious rival of goal king Ronaldo.

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Messi has contributed hundreds of extremely beautiful goals to his team as well as the fans. With his skillful technique and physical endurance. Messi guided the ball into the opponent’s net in many different ways. This Argentinian boy always gives fans a treat on the field.

Pele 750 goals

Pele 750 goals

 Standing in 5th place in the top scorers is Pele. This is a name that cannot be ignored by football fans.

Pele is famous for his skillful technique and creativity in his kicking style as well as his excellent scoring moves. He is considered a legend of Brazilian and world football with up to 750 goals during his football career.

He is not just having a successful club career. He is also famous for his sportsmanship and compassion. Pele has always been a symbol of community solidarity as well as charitable activities.


Through the article shared by bookmaker ACEPH above. Hopefully, all readers now have better information about the top 5 highest scoring players in the world. We at ACEPH always hope to bring readers deeper insights into the world’s leading sports. Hope you have a comfortable experience here.

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