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Goalkeeper rules are often of little interest to football viewers because the goalkeeper position is often a place with little activity on the field and does not receive much attention from cameras. However, for longtime football viewers, this is still of great interest and research. As for those who are new to watching or have little interest in the goalkeeper position. Therefore, to understand more about the goalkeeper, do not ignore any information that ACEPH is about to provide below.

What is the goalkeeper rule? Why must there be rules for goalkeepers?

What is the goalkeeper rule? Why must there be rules for goalkeepers?

Goalkeeper is an extremely important position in this king sport. A good goalkeeper can play an extremely important role in a team. Their job is not only to block normal attacks, but they can also launch attacks and deploy the ball from home.

However, goalkeepers are also subject to several restrictions prescribed by the goalkeeper law. To better understand the goalkeeper regulations, you can sign up for article notifications at the bookmaker or follow the entire article below.

What do the goalkeeper rules say for goalkeepers?

The goalkeeper rules regulate what a goalkeeper is allowed to do and what he is not allowed to do during a match. Because the goalkeeper is the most unique position on the field, you can use your hands to play the ball in the 16m50 area. The law also strictly regulates situations that occur on the field such as the position of catching the ball, how to take free kicks, dispute situations, and penalty kicks.

Why is it necessary to have a rule specifically for goalkeepers?

There needs to be a rule for the goalkeeper to limit the actions of this position. The law does not restrict the goalkeeper’s movements but limits the benefits of this position. Because the goalkeeper is the only position that can use his hands to play the ball, there are rules to limit the area where the goalkeeper can use his hands as well as the ways of kicking and catching the ball…

Learning about goalkeeper rules helps viewers better understand penalty kicks

Learning about goalkeeper rules helps viewers better understand penalty kicks

New viewers or those who watch but pay little attention to the goalkeeper position. So it’s important to learn more about the rules of the game. To avoid the situation where you are watching and not understanding what is happening, causing discomfort while enjoying the game. The regulations and laws regarding goalkeepers are specifically stipulated as follows:

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Goalkeeper rights and rules on the football field

  • Before learning the goalkeeper rules, bettors need to know what rights the goalkeeper has on the football field, such as:
  • The goalkeeper has the right to use his hands to play the ball within the 16m50 area of ​​his home field, while other areas of the field can operate normally like other players.
  • The goalkeeper can also take free kicks, score goals, or do anything other players can do.
  • In the 5m area in front of the goal, the goalkeeper has an advantage when competing with players from the other team.

Penalty regulations for goalkeepers

  • Besides the benefits, players playing the goalkeeper position will have the following limitations:
  • Goalkeepers are not allowed to use their hands to play the ball outside their team’s penalty area. If the goalkeeper uses his hands outside the penalty area, depending on the severity, the referee will issue a yellow or red card.
  • In dead-ball situations, the goalkeeper can only put the ball down and use his foot to kick the ball up.
  • After blocking a live ball, if the goalkeeper drops the ball on the ground, he cannot catch it again a second time
  • When a teammate intentionally moves back, the goalkeeper is not allowed to use his hands to catch the ball. Except for cases of heading the ball back, or blocking the opponent’s attacks.

Regulations when the goalkeeper takes a penalty

When taking a penalty, the goalkeeper must comply with several principles. When taking a penalty, the goalkeeper can stand anywhere on the goal line. However, before the opponent touches the ball, the goalkeeper cannot move first. If he cheats, the opponent will be allowed to do it again.

Some more information about the rules for goalkeepers

Some more information about the rules for goalkeepers

Initially, the goalkeeper could use his hands to play the ball in his half, but after changing the way and method of play, the goalkeeper increasingly has a more active role. By 1912, the rules for goalkeepers were introduced and stipulated that goalkeepers could only use their hands to play the ball inside the penalty area.

We can mention excellent goalkeepers in the king sport such as Neuer, Yashin, Casillas… They are all excellent goalkeepers and have won many titles in their career.


Through the above detailed and specific information about goalkeeper rules, we hope to help new viewers as well as those who have been watching for a long time but do not understand the goalkeeper position better understand this position. Hope it will help you viewers have a better experience.

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